How to Get ACLS Online Certification through ACLS Certification Institute

ACLS Certification Institute offer two types of online courses – ACLS certification course and ACLS recertification course at very reasonable price of $275 and $175 respectively. The courses of ACLS online certification course include comprehensive online training for instant grading online examination. They also allow you to practice through unlimited free exams and exam retakes to get an instant certification 24/7. After successful completion of program they offer free instant certification through email and free shipping of the hard copy of its report card along with 8 credits for continuing education.

Other features of online ACLS certification course

Fast and convenient comprehensive online course: The professionally written and accelerated courses to get ACLS online certification is the quickest and most convenient as they were 100% created by the certified physicians of this institute. All the information required for ACLS exam is covered by their ACLS study guide. It is so comprehensive that you need not attend any classroom session to check and compare your online skills. The providers of this course will provide you the basic knowledge of ACLS essentially required in medical career of any professional.

Medical doctors wrote and approved this course: The accuracy of their course is enough to make you confident as the ACLS certified physicians of Georgetown and UNC Chapel Hill Medical Centre have written and accepted it. Moreover instead of real medical doctors most of the other ACLS courses are also written by medical writers. According to a comprehensive review on all core cases of the AHA ACLS provider manual, their study guide is one of the best in its class as it is presented in a fast format for the convenience of the students. All you may need in ACLS exam is covered in their study guide.

Study material can be printed to take the exam conveniently: 50 multiple choice questions covering 10 core cases of AHA ACLS provider manual are included in this exam. After being confident about their professionally written and approved ACLS study guide you can complete them easily as there is no time limit for it. You can also write your answers after printing your exam and later on send your answers online.

Unlimited retake of the exam: You will be entitled to receive ACLS online certification if your answers for 80% or more questions are right in the exam. If you cannot succeed to get them in one attempt then you can retake the exam as many times as you wish to rectify the missing question. You can consult your study guide to review the portion of the missing question to make it right in the next attempt of the exam.

Convenient options for free instant email certification and payment: A printable email certification will be instantly provided to you if you pass the exam for once. You need not pay any additional cost to get hard copy of your certification through mail. They also offer various options of shipping and payment through their safe servers for the convenience of their students.

How the ACLS course of ACLS Certification Institute works

The ACLS online course of ACLS Certification Institute works in three steps briefly discussed here under.

Step 1

Sign up for our ACLS Certification or Recertification Course

Instant online certification: They offer fastest way to get online ACLS certification or recertification on the basis of their study material and 100% online exam without any hidden or additional cost. You can get your printable certification card with your name online through email as soon as you pass the exam.

No hidden clinical skill check: In order to get your ACLS online certification or recertification you need not go through any hidden check of your clinical skills. The up-to-date information provided in their professionally written study guide is guaranteed to be accurate. They base their training material and exam on their latest written and approved ACLS provider manual created by their certified physicians.

Convenient options for payment and shipping: You are allowed to use all major credit cards to make their payment conveniently. In order to ship your physical ACLS certification card they also offer various shipping options for your convenience. They guarantee to ship your ACLS online certification within 1 business day if you pass the exam through their course.

Step 2

Pass ACLS exam by studying with their training module

Their unlimited practice exams allow you to improve your ability as much as you want. Their study guide based on the latest ACLS provider manual and written by certified medical doctors contains all information required by you to pass this exam.

No need to buy additional Provider Manual: After joining their course you need not buy ACLS provider manual additionally as it covers all of its sections and core cases. You can prepare fast for this exam as their comprehensive study guide is provided in an accelerated format.

Instant exam results with no time limit: You can print the 50 multiple choice questions of the exam to write the answers and send them online later on conveniently. Though there is no time limit but you get the results as soon as you complete the exam once.

Pass the exam and get the certification instantly: You will immediately get digital ACLS online certification through email as you pass the exam by scoring 80% or above. The detail of the missed questions will be provided to you to allow you to retake if you wish. The digital copy of certification card will be provided within 24 hours followed by hard copy through mail.

Step 3

Get your ACLS certification card

It is the fastest way to get ACLS online certification card as you get its printable copy through email while waiting for its hard copy through mail. Your name, date of exam completed, name and medical license number of your instructor and the expiry date of your certification will be provided on both the certificates.

Several options for convenient shipping: The certification card you get instantly through email or mail within 2-5 business days will be valid for two years from the date of completing the exam. You can also get within one day if you choose their other options.

Thus the courses offered by ACLS certification institute can be the easiest and fastest way to get ACLS online Certification.

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Getting ACLS certification online

ACLS refers advanced cardiac life support, actually saying it means a set of clinical involvement for life hazards medical emergencies or cardiac arrest roots because of many factors. ACLS is generally done by trained medical specialist. It needs not simply knowledge of latest ability to deal best medical tools; it also needs lot of experience and skill to do it in the proper manner. It is very important for health care expert such as the clinical pharmacists, respiratory therapists, nurse to understand each aspect of advanced cardiac life support. These professionals are needed to be able to manage sensitive problems like administrating the patient’s airway etc. These are highly technical and the people only with certain professional medical history can be perfectly qualified to deal this job.

Handle medical issues:

The professional are thus need to get an ACLS certification to be permitted to manage medical problems. The medical experts who do not have the ACLS certification will not be permitted to handle emergency situations. The certification of ACLS refers that the individual employed to deal the emergency condition is having the capacity to do so in the best manner. Cardio pulmonary resuscitation is one of the parts of ACLS. The providers of ACLS are required to know more above than simply the fundamentals to be able to save ones life. These people are required to be a good decision maker of the conditions and have the ability to know what remedy will best reduce the patient from the physical status. This is an important judgement to take to people without medical knowledge will rarely be able to know what to perform or what to not to perform. The people have to get a clear notion about basic medicines and pharmacology. With all these, you can make out easily that it is not for common and ordinary people to look for the ACLS certification.

Only for the people related with health care:

Only people who are associated with health care and medicine in certain manner or other can consider for certification programs in ACLS. This is not like CPR program that can done by all people. It should be keep in mind that ACLS require proper understanding and practical usage of CPR, that is regarded fundamental and non negotiable. ACLS certification has to be received after attending the class. It is a full program and may take few months based on the lessons to be learned. The common methods of training is suggested for all people who have sufficient amount of time to spend the same without affecting other regular works that may seems to be highly important. But those who take the training of ACLS are busy with other activities that need time and attention. Therefore the next choice and may be the better choice that can be used is online class. Online ACLS class covers all lessons that the physical class offer. ACLS class online have emergent in popularity because online classes are highly flexible and less demanding.

Online classes:

On these days everything is found online like reading, shopping and getting an education. People who need to further their education can get a certification in a convenient manner. There are really lot of benefits to online classes. It offers you flexible time; it is also very useful to the professionals who need to alter the potential career direction in to the health care industry. Moreover, the online programs offer the students methods to finish works hence that it is highly comfortable for them, with special features like review of missed questions, interactive quiz and free downloadable pharmacology guide. Students can learn ACLS class modules based on their own pace. It also offer them the opportunity to return to check the previous subjects without annoy of left. The student does want to be anxiety because it is the student and computer that are involved in checking. Additionally the subject that is interested to them, joining in the online class helps the student to save their time. Students are not need to spend more time traveling to the study centre, they can today avail that time to studying and checking for the next exam.

New card and renew:

For the health care specialist who lives in the rural places, online class is a best option. For people who need to get ACLS certification online, there are plenty of online providers that can offer you virtual education sessions. Most of the providers are specialized in web oriented certification and re-certification. Most of the medical experts now gain the certification through online programs easily. Students can now receive a new card or renew the card because these programs are easy to get certification and recertification, the courses are formulated for the people who have been certified already in the hospital, whether that certification is lively or not. Great modules and packages on big ACLS certification online are added in the training things, permitting students to get principles and techniques that they can avail to pass the exam online. There are some free retakes for the people who do not pass on the first exam. Complete online training is also offered to the students who have not been certified. These programs cover theories, principles and techniques that are based on AHA instructions that are highly convenient to avail.

Good training service provider:

But most of the exam online for the certification program takes more time than the re certification test and can be generally finished one or two hours because it includes more subjects. The students will study indication and symptoms of a cardiac arrest, airway management, medicines, and CPR and AED use and treatment algorithms. To obtain most of the ACLS training, it is good to invest in a training institution that provides the complete range of programs you will require. Companies that offer online classes make their session found 24/7 and tests are graded immediately. Students get assigned readings, go through scenarios, watch videos and should pass on the exam to get their ACLS certification.

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Importance of ACLS online certification

Tburnett The medical providers who act in response to cardiovascular emergencies within and outside a hospital improve their treatment abilities through American heart association advanced life support training (ACLS). The course involves the basic life support interventions and the advanced ones. In addition, the certification covers pharmacology and airway management. Most professionals sharpen their skills using this certification.

Thousands of health professionals from over 80 countries around the world rely on ACLS online renewal. In addition, the certification has gained recognition in the USA and any other country that is in need of ACLS online certification. This certification is very easy. It only requires you to take the course and pass it online. The certification never requires any skills and you can take the exam depending on your work schedule. This course offers 4-8 AMA PRA categories, which offer one credit per every course. You can retake the course many times as you need, but many people pass it on the first attempt.

The target group

This certification targets health care professionals who either participates directly or indirectly in the management of cardiopulmonary arrest and any other cardiovascular emergency. This includes the individuals in the emergency medicine, emergency response, critical and intensive care units.

The course content

. The key changes in the advanced cardiovascular life support, which reflect the 2010 guidelines on cardiopulmonary resuscitation and emergency cardiovascular.

. The basic life support skills which include effective chest compressions, use of external defibrillator and bag mask device.

. The early recognition and management of the peri-arrest conditions that include the symptomatic bradycardia

. Airway management

. Related pharmacology

. The management of stroke and acute coronary syndromes

. The effective revival team dynamics

. The effective communication as a leader or a member of a revival team

. The approximate course length is 12 hours and for the ACLS online renewal course is 5-6.5 hours.

Only the active health care providers whose scope of training and practice include the knowledge base which encompass the foundation of the ACLS knowledge and skills can enroll in the course. To qualify for an ACLS online course completion card, every student has to pass an exam and a skill test.

Advantages of the online certification

Online ACLS courses are a perfect representation of the healthcare shift to a field highly reliant on technology. Traditionally, all these courses were classroom based and therefore a participant had to complete the course work and the exam in a set place and time. Today the growing number of health practitioner can easily take the ACLS and the ACLS renewal online. This has led to the growth in use and availability of ACLS courses.

. Convenience

You can have ACLS renewal online from where you want and at any time you like. Most health practitioners will have a scarce free time. Therefore, you will have to effectively utilize this little time that you have in the best way. Taking the ACLS certification online is a better way of saving your time and energy. You can easily access the course without the need of any special skills. You should never get stacked trying to fit your personal time in a classroom based ACLS course. You can easily fit an online course into your personal life.

. More flexible

You will learn the course at your pace and in your way. In classroom based ACLS course structure; you will struggle on the different learning styles and paces present. While taking your certification online, you will not need to have such worries. The ACLS course will provide you with all the relevant material you will need for you to pass and unlimited time to study until you are fully confident to proceed with an exam. You should never leave anything in the air. You will learn in a more comfortable way and according to your pace.

– Cost

You can easily bargain for the certification cost depending on the provider. Many providers will offer this certification at a varying cost, but all of them are cost friendly compared to the classroom based providers. In addition, some in-person courses will demand other expenses like gas and parking.

Obtaining an AHA approved certification

A large number of emergency services and hospitals around the USA require you to obtain the certification through the American Heart Association (AHA). There are several ways to ensure that you get the AHA approved course. Here are the requirements and how you can obtain it online and all the precautions you should observe.

. First, you should always be cautious while taking an online certification. There are many websites that do offer ACLS certification although they are not AHA recognized. Some will go ahead to state that AHA certified physicians or AHA physicians recommend their course. Always beware of such websites as most of health care facilities and hospitals will not recognize such certification.

. There are many AHA approved websites offering the certification and they will let you know upfront. They will always want you to know this in a more clear way.

. AHA offers an ACLS certification online. Its cost for the first part is $120 and includes CE/CME credits. The program has two parts, which you must complete to gain the certification. The part one which is online allows participants to work on their own pace. The second part costs around $50 and it is the hands on skills evaluation.

Why health care professionals require the course

Through the certification a health care provider enhances their skills in treating adult victims of cardiopulmonary emergency or a cardiac arrest. The course gives emphasis on the importance of basic life support and also enhancing the survival of a patient. With the certification, you will have gained many skills which include;

. The proficiency in life care and support

. Recognition and initiation of early peri arrest conditions management

. Cardiac arrest management

. Identifying and treating acute coronary syndrome and ischemic chest pain

. Easier recognition of any other life threatening clinical condition like stroke and provision of effective care.

You can do ACLS renewal online after every two years. This renewal provides you with updated information and also the AHA updates on the standards of performance. All health care providers have to complete 2 directed learning modules. ACLS certification online is a good way of expanding your knowledge base in your health care professionalism. It will help you to perform more resuscitation in the health care setting.

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