Connecticut Spelling Bee First Place Earned by Granby Student

The Connecticut Spelling Bee held on an annual basis was recently conducted at Quinnipiac University. It was open to students ranging from grades 4th through 8th that had previously won local spelling bees in their community. As per usual, our city of Granby was represented. One of our own 8th graders that attends Granby Memorial Middle School won after beating sixty-two students from around the state.

The winner from Granby Memorial Middle School is named Dwarith Ramesh. She is just 14 years old. She will now be representing the state of Connecticut in May of 2016 at the Scripps National Spelling Bee that will be conducted in National Harbor, Maryland.

Because of her victory here in Connecticut her flight and hotel expenses will be taken care of by the Quinnipiac University School of Education. Quinnipiac University is at the forefront of helping to educate young minds and motivate our youth to find value in education early on in life.

While the spelling bee was held at Quinnipiac University, the Connecticut Spelling Bee is heavily endorsed by United Medical Education who provides continued emergency medical training. Some of their training courses include ACLS recertification online. Besides providing ACLS recertification online, United Medical Education publishes free training materials on how to perform CPR.

Many other local businesses and volunteer organizations are starting to take interest in the Connecticut Spelling Bee and recognize it’s ability in setting a standard of education for our local youth. Because of this, the spelling bee has started to receive more media attention and community support in recent years.

If you are interested in helping endorse the Connecticut Spelling Bee along with other more local spelling bees feel free to message us here at The Granby News for details. You can also subscribe to learn more about current news and events taking place here in Granby, Connecticut.

March 13th, 2016 by