Grand Lake Vintage Snowmobile Races

vintage snowmobile races

This Saturday there was some community fun at the Grand Lake. The Vintage Snowmobile races had an impressive showing of excited community members ready to take on the competition. Community members were not the only ones to show. There were several people who traveled from all across the United States for the event. Because of the large number of people, the competitors needed to be divided into classes and divisions. The classes were separated by both age and also gender.

There were also different divisions of vehicles as well. Since there is a large variety of snowmobiles spanning three decades of production they don’t all perform the same. The way they divide the classes of the snowmobiles is primarily based off of the cooling system found within. Models that have a manufacturing date prior to 1985 are not permitted in the competition.

The races were performed on the frozen top of Grand Lake with the track was a large flat oval. The great part about the contest was the different snowmobiles that came for the show. Some of the snowmobiles were over 30 years old.

For each class there are two heat races that take place. Following the heat races there is a main event race. The races took a better part of the day to complete but at the end there was a well done award ceremony for the winners of each class.

The event was well organized starting with vehicle inspections in the morning for safety and then followed with a detailed meeting for the riders to go over important rules and instructions.

Even if you missed the fun of Saturday’s races you don’t have to worry. There are several races scheduled in the series throughout the year. Currently the races are headed to Pinedale, WY followed by Jackson Hole, WY.

You can thank the folks at X-treme Mountain Racing for the Vintage Snowmobile Racing series and events. They are the organization that conducts this series which provides fun every winter here in the Granby region.

February 6th, 2016 by