State Trooper’s Super Bowl Weekend Warning


Connecticut state police are warning citizens to be careful this Super Bowl Sunday when driving on the roads. There is generally an increase in impaired drivers during Super Bowl weekend and the roads this time of year are not conducive to safe driving even when someone has all their faculties.

The police have been reported as saying the parties and locally planned events associated with the Super Bowl makes this Sunday one of the most dangerous of the year to be on the roads or highways.

While the state police will be on extra alert for impaired drivers but there is only so much they can do. They request that individuals watch out for their loved ones during this weekend and to make a special effort to make driving arrangements before attending any festivities. It is only with the help of the community that the state troopers can make the roads safe and secure.

During last year’s Super Bowl weekend Connecticut troopers arrested 12 individuals that had been driving under the influence. However, state troopers don’t consider this a success. They would much rather people make smart decisions regarding their transportation rather than putting other people’s lives at risk, or ending up in jail.

During last year’s Super Bowl the state troopers also issued 122 tickets for speeding and many more tickets for individuals who performed hazardous moving violations. Hazardous moving violations are generally given for driving while distracted or for following the vehicle in front of you too closely.

Even if you are not drinking this Sunday it may be a good idea to avoid driving just because of the sheer amount of officers that will be patrolling the roads. It seems they have little patience on this day as they work to make sure no one is in violation of the sobriety laws while driving.

February 5th, 2016 by